Trademarks Disclaimer

Trademarks Disclaimer and its parent companies offer replacement screens only, not any original branded ones.

All the terms mentioned in this website could be trademark of other companies/brands.  

No claim is made to have any exclusive right to use “any of the below terms or abbreviations” all these trademarks are owned by respective brands or companies as listed below.
  • Derrick, FLC, Hyperpool, PWP, PMD are Trademarks of Derrick Corporation.
  • NOV Brandt, VSM, Cobra, King Cobra, D380, D285P and LCM are Trademarks of NOV or Varco or Brandt
  • M-I SWACO, ALS-2, MD-2, MD-3, MEERKAT PT, MONGOOSE PRO are Trademarks of Swaco or Schlumberger or M-I LLC so on.
  • Scomi, SCM-PrimaG 3P, 4P, 4PDD, 5P are Trademarks of Scomi equipment INC.
  • Kemtron 48, Kemtron 28, KTL, KPT are Trademarks of ELGIN separation solutions.
  • FSI 5000 series is the Trademarks of Fluid Systems Inc.
Products offered are replacement only and not made by any of the original equipment manufacturers, mentioned above.

All concerned Trademarks are solely reserved by the original equipment manufacturers and companies who own these Trademarks and we do not have any claims whatsoever.