Screw Conveyor


OilFieldscreens Screw Conveyor is popular in the oil gas industry for transfer the drilling cuttings to feed to the cuttings dryer,and cuttings colletction box. OilFieldscreens designed 3 size of diamter, 12inch, 14inch,18inch, each size has 4 different length for option according to the drilling site of the customer.

OilFieldscreens Screw Conveyor (Auger) Technical Parameters


OilFieldscreens Screw Conveyor Features & Benefits

OilFieldscreens utilize a custom designed and constructed Screw Conveyor (Auger) as part of drilling waste management system.The Auger is designed with 12 feet per section which makes it to be standard spare parts for exchange with each other.The screw material utilized by OilFieldscreens is abrasive material which lasts longer than our competitors. The Screw Conveyor(Auger) is designed to offer an efficient, low cost, cuttings transport system for offshore and onshore drilling installations. The screw conveyor are manufactured to the highest safety standards and are fitted with protective grating or cover to prevent foreign bodies entering the conveyor system, and to of fer enhanced safety for all personnel.

Besides the Screw Conveyor,OilFieldscreens also have the cuttings transfer pump for the movemet of the drilling cuttings.


OilFieldscreens Screw Conveyor Features


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  1. The screw flights are made of wear-resistant and thicker manganese steel. According to the customer’s selection requirements, the screw flights can also be sprayed with wear-resistant coating to prolong its service life.
  2. The reinforced frame outside of the conveyor provides high strength to the complete conveyor, which makes it suitable for horizontal or inclined installation.
  3. The bearing seats of the screw conveyor are made of aluminum casting, with fine workmanship and stable performance.
  4. Bearings adopt international famous brand NSK or FAG, which runs steadily and has long service life.
  5. The screw conveyor adopts the upper cover or steel grating to quickly switch or both types cover available at the same time for customer’s option. The steel grating adopts a quick flip opening and closing form, which is convenient for observation and maintenance.
  6. Intermediate connectors adopt small resistance intermediate bearing body to make the product feeding smoothly, uniformly and quickly in the process of operation.
  7. The inner bearing housing is equipped with self-lubricating HWS alloy hanging bearing core with grease filling nozzle to facilitate the injection of grease, which makes the self-lubricating HWS alloy hanging bearing core more fully lubricated and prolongs the service life.
  8. The shell cover plate is equipped with rubber sealing gasket, which can effectively prevent dust leakage during operation.
  9. Electrical motors and gearbox are from well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure long-term stability of machinery.
  10. According to customer’s requirement, the pull-wire switch can be installed on the conveyor to realize safety protection, and customized connection form of inlet port and outlet port are available.